Dream It, Then Do It

By Pastor Gordon Smith

It was a nostalgic experience for a middle-aged man to bear as he stepped foot upon the grassy field where the dreams of aviation came to life! His early 1900’s gray wool-mixed golf hat, combined with his pink, white, and predominantly gray argyle sweater gave him the sensation that he too was soaring the skies with the sounds of combustion for the first time. Several huge white flags mapping out the flight pattern, of the two now-famous-brothers, waved with the wind! All of it beckoning an invitation to dream again.

Overwhelmed by the reality that dreams do in fact come true, he stopped, pondered, and prayed. It was then that the national anthem began to play. The flag was lowered with the setting sun, while the birds displayed their reverence through song and flight. He took off his hat, placed it over his heart, and stood still like a good military child was raised to do. Whether it was childhood memories flooding his heart, or penitence for an imagination that had become far too cynical, or both is uncertain. Either way, he began to weep as the trumpet's final crescendo resounded. Putting his hat back upon his head, like a baseball player ready to pitch his first pitch in the big leagues, he thanked God that dreams do in fact come true!

The nearby creek rippled with the sounds of redemption, a desire to dream like a child again! “Dream it, then do it!” whispered within his soul. “O God, You are right,” he confessed, “It’s not too late. Help me to dream the impossible again!” It was as if Novalis had penned just for him: “Our life is no dream; but it ought to become one, and perhaps will.”

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La Junta Nazarene